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Non Toxic Drycleaning System
Our new drycleaning system is a safe, healthy, and better alternative to the old-fashioned traditional drycleaning (Perc) method. Our new solvent is very safe to human-health and hasbeen used in cosmetics and as food additives
for many years before being safely adopted as a drycleaning solvanet.

Safe to Our Environment
Our new solvent is 100% biodegradable and goes back to where it came from - to the nature-when it is deposed of.

Whiter, Brighter, and Healthier Garments
Our state-of-art drycleaning system, along with our new dryclenaing solvent, removes far more soils and impurities from your garments than any other drycleaning system.

As a result your garment will look much whiter, brighter, softer, and they are much healthier.
Also our new cleaning solvent helps to restore garments' original color, shape and feel.

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